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We use cookies on this website to improve our services and provide services more appropriate for our customers.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a function that stores information about your use of our website in your computer, smartphone, tablet or other internet-connected device.Cookies are widely used to operate and use websites more efficiently. The information collected by cookies cannot be used to identify individuals. Users can disable the cookie function via browser settings.However, if the cookie function is disabled, certain website features and content may become unavailable.

Purpose of use

1. Understanding and improving our website services

By helping us grasp the usage of services provided by this website, cookies serve as a reference for improving our services and providing services better suited to your interests and needs.

Use of Google Analytics

  • This website uses Google Analytics, a service provided by Google, to understand the usage of the website. Google Analytics uses the cookies we issue to analyze the usage of our website. We receive analytical results from Google (such as Google Analytics reports on demographics and interests) to understand customers’ visits to our website.

  • Customer information collected, recorded and analyzed by Google Analytics does not include any information that identifies particular individuals.In addition, Google manages this information based on its privacy policy.See the Google Analytics site for details on Google Analytics terms of use and the Google website for information on Google's privacy policy.

  • You can disable Google Analytics by downloading and installing the "Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on" from Google and changing your browser add-on settings. Note that if you disable Google Analytics, it will be disabled on all websites you visit. You can re-enable Google Analytics by changing the browser add-on settings.

2. Ad distribution using cookies

We use advertising services (display ads/remarketing/retargeting) provided by advertising providers such as Google and Yahoo! to distribute notifications (ads) when a person who has visited our website in the past visits certain pages. In this case, cookies are used to obtain the user’s website visit history information.

If you do not want to receive such a notice (advertisement), please visit the following page to disable the use of cookies.If you change browsers, remove cookies or change to a new computer, you need to configure the settings again.